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The McKay Airway

Our flagship product, the McKay Airway, is a proprietary medical device that has been shown in clinical trials to improve bag-mask ventilation compared to an oropharyngeal airway, along with simplifing airway management in general. It reduces the technical skills and training required to keep a patient's airway open. The device is effective with both unconcious and awake patients.

Our device is classified as a Class I medical device by Health Canada and the FDA and has successfully been used in trial procedures. Our latest clinical trial showed that using the device results in patients achieving stable ventilation 32% faster than an oropharyngeal airway. In addition, 94% of users stated that they outright prefered using the Mckay Airway over an oropharyngeal airway or had no preference between the two, with over half of those users expressing a preference for the Mckay Airway.

A link to a publication describing the device can be found here, and a link to our clincial trial can be found here. Both publications were published in the Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia.

We're open to inquries about the device related to potential use cases, clinical efficacy, or potential business discussions. Samples are available by request.