The McKay Airway

“No one is actually good at Bag Mask Ventilation, and this could make the difference.” - Advanced Care Paramedic, Saskatoon

Despite intense training, most health care workers produce inadequate Bag Mask ventilation. The technique is difficult, hand fatigue can be a real challenge, and the stress of a life-saving situation can be distracting. We all need a little help sometimes, and the best are not afraid to admit it.

The McKay Airway opens the patient's airway without putting a tube in the throat. The unique design allows the care provider to maintain a jaw thrust with as little as one finger, reducing the technical and physical burden of Bag Mask Ventilation. With this device, airway management moves from a two-person job to a one-person job, and from a two-handed job to a one-handed job.

“So simple, a child could use it” - Resident Anesthesiologist

Unlike other products on the market, the McKay Airway is non-traumatic: it does not enter the pharynx and no complicated twisting or sizing is necessary. It can be used in both unconscious and awake patients, for emergency respiration or elective procedures. In addition to opening the patient's airway, the unique central channel facilitates suction, intubation, and endoscopic access.

These videos depict the difference that a proper jaw thrust makes when visualizing the vocal cords.